The following guidelines are provided to assist you in submitting art that will ensure seamless and timely completion of your order.

  • Preferred “Vector” artwork files should be saved as an Adobe Illustrator® file, pdf or eps.
  • All text fields must be converted to curves or outlines to prevent font substitutions
  • Include a proof of your design with PMS spot colors (if any) to confirm that no font substitutions or color changes have occurred.
  • All objects must have at least a 1 pt line thickness to guarantee proper print quality.
  • Any “Raster” artwork that was created in Photoshop or like program must be saved as a tif, jpg, or Psd format.
  • The Raster image must be at least 150-300 dpi at 100% to size of final imprint.
  • Artwork that has been faxed, photocopied or poorly reproduced will have to be recreated and art charges may be added to your order.
  • Please ask your sales rep about pricing.

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