Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is an Underlayer ?

Random stitches sewn to under-cover stitches and lettering to stablilize fabric and add depth.

What is a Twelve-Head ?

An embrodiery mahine having twelve heads or stations. Each contains needles with the capability to sew multiple thread colors at the same time. This machine can embroider 12 garments at one time.

What is a Tape?

Originally, the item that contained the programming for computer controlled embroidery machines. Today, programs are recorded on a computer floppy diskette. Same as the embroidery pattern.

What is Cover Stitch?

Background of solid embroidery. Background behind copy.

What is Stitch Count?

Accumulated total of stitches requrierd to complete the design.

What is an Embroidery Pattern?

An electronic program which directs the embroidery equipment to reproduce a specific desgin. The pattern may be a paper tape or a computer diskette.

What is Direct Embroidery?

The process of sewing a name or design directly to a garment.

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How will my shirts ship?

We offer both Fed Ex and UPS and we have freight companies for larger orders.

Can I come pick up my shirts?

Yes, we have local pick up available. We would love to meet you.
Please note that orders are available for pick up or shipping after 3 pm of the ship date.

Can you ship internationally?

Yes We ship a number of international shipments via Fedex or DHL but there is an added service charge for the extra work involved.

Can I supply my own t-shirts?

Yes. We do contract printing with free incoming freight from Sanmar, Alphabroder, Kati sport cap, TSC and Shareship.

What is your minimum order quantity?

12 pieces and up.

How long is turnaround time?

Typically 5 to 7 days for repeat and 2 to 10 for new art.